13100: Coronavirus edition

Essential Information

Course Completion

Because of the situation we're in, I think it would be best if we simply finished our work for the term. It strikes me as unfair to ask any of you to strain or otherwise inconvenience yourselves over assignments for our class, since you almost certainly will have other things to occupy you. Please know, though, that I'm here for you, so don't hesitate to ask if I can help with anything related to our class. 

Revising Your Work 

Many of you have already been in to see me about revising your first papers, and you might wish to do the same concerning your second essays.  As you must already know, this would be problematic because we can do it live and in person. Since this is an emergency, I am hereby suspending the requirement that you meet with me at all  about revising your first two assignments. Whether you so is up to you.  If you decide to rewrite either of your first two papers, the final draft is due no later than Friday, 1 May, at 9 a.m. via email: stapletm@pfw.edu

If you need access to the articles about Mris. Clinton, here they are: 


New Republic

Sasson, "Who Is the Hillary Voter?"

Hitt, "Hillarys for President"

Heer, "The Magic of Silly Putty"

Crispin, "Feminist Fail"

National Review

McCarthy, "Impeach Her"

Roy, "The Queen of Faction"

Williamson, "The Empty Pantsuit"

Coffin, "Hillary Rules"

Computer Access, Laptops, Virtual Meetings

The Helmke Library will allow you to check out laptops for a fee if you need them to do your coursework, so please don't hesitate to call or email if need be: ref@pfw.edu or 260-481-6505.  We are hoping that the drastic step of closing the entire campus will not be taken.  If it will not be, you are free to use any computer lab on campus, either in the library or in Neff or Liberal Arts. I am happy to meet with you virtually about your papers and revision, should you choose that option. We can try ZOOM. If you want to do this, email me and we'll see what we can do. Download ZOOM

Our Final Assignment: This is What I  Care About


This assignment should tell us something about you that you want to share with the class.  Its only parameters are that it shouldn't be too personal, because then telling us about it would be awkward. If you can write about it for 4 pages, put it easily into a PowerPoint (or equivalent) presentation, make yourself understood about it, and treat it with scholarly rigor, that would be best.  If your idea fails any of these four elements, I'd strongly suggest you choose another topic.


hobby, passion, non-religious belief, non-cliché ethical position, art, reading, sport, relationship. Previous presentations have included gaming, marching bands, scuba diving, an artistic technique, a family member, guitars, a sport.  


This is a credit-only assignment in four phases. If you complete all four, I average in 90 pts. = A with your other two papers, or revisions of these.  If you miss one phase of the assignment: 80 = B.  If you miss two: 70 = C.  If you miss three: 60 = D.  If you don't do any work: F for assignment and course. These cannot be late. Late phases = 0.

Phase 1, due Friday, 3 April: a one-page description of your paper topic.

Phase 2, due Friday, 10 April: a two-page annotated bibliography (in MLA format) summarizing three outside sources you are likely to use for your paper.

Phase 3, due Friday 24 April: a four-page essay, your project itself.

Phase 4, due Friday, 1 May: a PowerPoint version of your project, with words and pictures.

For the first three phases: attach your paper as a Word document to your email. Do NOT send it in Google Docs. Do NOT send it in .pdf .

For the fourth phase: attach your project as a PowerPoint